2021 Healthy Water Resolutions

At long last, the New Year is upon us! We hope you’re all doing well and healthy going into 2021. As you contemplate what resolutions you’d like to achieve in the coming year, we have a few simple suggestions for steps you can take toward health, happiness and peace of mind. After all, water is everywhere in your life, and can affect your wellbeing in ways you’re not always aware of. Whether it’s dingy laundry, an inefficient water heater, showerhead buildup, sink stains, or just plain-old gross, bad-tasting, smelly tap water, your water could be stressing you out at every turn. But one simple resolution could change all that.

Get It Tested–for Free!

The solution starts when you know what you’re working with. If you’ve been afraid of finding out what’s lurking in your pipes, then fear no more. The New Year is a great time to commit to a tap water assessment. Once you have that knowledge, then we can explain to you just how simple and effective our solution will be. That’s it! Easy as that. Just give us a call. (941) 981-9979

Schedule Maintenance and Filter Replacement

Maybe your 2020 New Year’s resolution was to treat yourself to a brand-new Healthy Water system. And good for you! It was certainly a year when having Healthy Water at home really paid off. So as a reward, in 2021, your resolution is relatively simple: Schedule a maintenance appointment so we can come out there and make sure everything’s still running smoothly. Our systems are designed for the long haul, so we don’t expect to find anything shocking. Still, every water filtration system needs a little TLC now and again. And a fresh filter now will go a long way toward keeping your whole house happy for the year.


There are two ways to look at New Year’s resolutions: For a lot of people, it’s about self-improvement. But for the rest of us, it’s about self-reward. You made it through 2020, you survived the holidays, you’ve got the whole year to look forward to. Haven’t you earned a little special something? Maybe you have an older system that was installed by someone else, and it doesn’t look great on the side of your house, and it doesn’t have all the fancy sanitation bells and whistles available in today’s state-of-the-art systems. Maybe you deserve something shiny and new. Now’s the time. Happy New Year!

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