A Step-by-Step Guide to Healthy Water

We’ve worked in the water filtration industry for a long time. That extensive experience means that not only do we know all of the little details when it comes to water filtration systems, but we can also see the big picture. It’s more than just linking up a system and letting it run; giving you the highest possible water quality coming out of your taps means taking into account a number of factors, and making the right decision to address each of them.

Water Source

Where you are and where your water is coming from make a huge difference. A home with a well in east Manatee County needs totally different considerations from a condo in downtown Sarasota getting city water. This is the first thing we look at when assessing your situation.

Water Testing

Of course, knowing the source of the water doesn’t mean when know what’s in it. If you’re on city water, the community will issue its own test and release regular reports on the findings. (You can also watch Sarasota’s 2019 Water Quality Summit here.) Still, those reports only account for what was found at the city water’s source; the water can pick up contaminants as it travels to your house. And flooding, like we just saw with Hurricane Eta, increases the potential for contaminants to reach your water.

Well water will reflect the conditions of Florida’s aquifer, but of course, each individual well is a