Are You Drinking Enough Florida Filtered Water?

Newsflash: It’s hot!

As all of us in Manatee and Sarasota counties continue to weather the heat wave that’s battering most of this half of the country, we need to think about how to stay healthy in the heat.

We joke a lot about the heat in Florida summers, but we do need to take it seriously, too. Among the things we should be taking care of when we can:

  • Hurricane and power outage contingencies. Because when the storm passes, the hot weather returns. Whether it’s generators and bottled water or solid relocation plans, make sure you—and especially your vulnerable loved ones—can stay cool when the power goes out. It is literally a life-threatening situation this time of year.
  • Limiting outdoor time, especially in the middle of the day. Heat-related health conditions sneak up on you. If you’re starting to feel badly after spending time in the heat, then you may already be in an emergency situation. Avoid spending extended periods of time outdoors, especially between the hours of 11 and 3. This may include spaces that aren’t air conditioned or ventilated, or vehicles with poor AC function.
  • Staying hydrated! And this is where Manatee County’s Healthy Water Systems comes in!

What You Need to Know About Florida Summer Hydration

Most of us don’t drink enough water in the best of circumstances. But we get away with it because it’s not always this hot.

But some of our favorite drinks—like our beloved caffeine and alcohol—are actually diuretics, which means they force H2O out of our bodies.

So we need to incorporate water into our daily routine. This can be as easy as grabbing a reusable water bottle first thing in the morning and just keeping it with us throughout the day.

Like other health effects of heat, we don’t usually notice dehydration symptoms until things are going from bad to worse. What’s even scarier, sometimes nausea and vomiting occur with heat stroke and/or dehydration, making it even harder to rehydrate when you’re in trouble. Emergency intervention will be needed.

So don’t wait until you’re thirsty. And don’t wait until you start to feel bad. Be aware of potential dehydration while everything is still in the green. Go ahead: Drink some water right now.

How to Incorporate Drinking Water Into Your Daily Routine

I mean, you know what we’re going to say here, right? Clean, fresh, healthy, filtered water flowing from your tap is the best, easiest drinking water out there. And how do you get treated water that tastes great in your home or business? Why, we know just the guys. (It’s us. We are the guys.)

The problems with bottled water are plenty, both personally and societally: Bottled water is terrible for the environment, it’s expensive, and when you run out, you’re kind of screwed. That sip of water that you meant to take at noon will be put off until…when?

But with a Healthy Water System in your home and/or business, your drinking water is always flowing. All you have to do is turn the knob.

Don’t let the expensive palettes of bottled water on your shopping list get in the way of a healthy, hydrated summer body. Let your tap water do the talking.


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