Make Sure Your Bradenton Well Water is Great Water

How’s your well water treating you? Wells are great, especially here in Florida, where our aquifer offers a fantastic combination of spring water and naturally filtered groundwater. Plus, when you use a well, you save money that would otherwise go to municipal water utilities payments. The biggest problem is, without municipal water treatment plants and […]

Why Healthy Water Matters to Your Appliances—and Your Pocketbook

Talk about water filtration and water treatment invariably starts with the taste (and smell) of treated water vs. untreated tapwater. After all, nobody wants to drink a glass of gross, sulfur-flavored water, or to give it to your family or put it in your food. And of course, this is why many people choose point-of-use […]

End-of-2023 Home Water Treatment Sale

Healthy Filtered Water Service Company in the Bradenton, Sarasota, Florida area.

If you’ve ever experienced a water quality problem, then you know that the proper time to get a whole-house water treatment system is yesterday. Untreated Sarasota-Bradenton water—whether it’s a private well or from the municipal water supply—affects water flavor, scent, dishes, clothes, skin, hair, and any appliance that uses water. So if you’re currently experiencing […]

What Do “Water Treatments” Really Do?

…and are you paying too much for treatments you don’t need? You probably know that water treatment makes your tap water taste better, smell better, and even feel better on your skin and hair. You may even know that water treatment can help your clothes and dishes get cleaner and your appliances last longer. But […]

No Salt, No Electric, No Backwash Home Water Treatment

Don’t get us wrong: We love saltwater. It’s the backbone of our Manatee County lifestyle, and it’s a really important part of our recreational time. But when we’re on the job at our Manatee County small business, Healthy Water can come without salt, and without compromises. If you opt of a no salt, no electric, […]

Does Sarasota City Water Need At-Home Treatment?

So your home is served by public utilities, including municipal water. Do you need a residential water treatment system if your home is hooked up to the Sarasota city water supply? Short answer: We certainly think so. Public utilities supply water that has been deemed safe by the government. But municipal water treatment only goes […]