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We talk a lot about residential Healthy Water Systems. But we’re just as efficient, reliable, and experienced when it comes to installing and maintaining commercial systems. 

Do you serve fountain drinks and other beverages with ice in them? What about coffee or a drinking fountain? Does your business utilize dishwashers or washing machines? A water heater or just multiple taps? Whether you own a restaurant, retail biz or office-based company, chances are, you’re in need of clean, filtered water.

Restaurants and Hospitality

Let’s start with the big boys: Virtually every part of the restaurant industry is reliant on safe, healthy water: for cleaning dishes and silverware, and for drinks, ice and even sauces. Your customers count on clean tableware and safe, tasty beverages. And your industrial kitchen equipment and bathrooms need to be able to withstand heavy water use, day in and day out. 

You might even be washing linens or dealing with hotel-grade water systems. Yep, we can handle those, too.

Without Healthy Water, you’ll be replacing equipment—ice machines, washing machines, water heaters, taps—much more frequently due to mineral buildup. That means added expenses and possibly even downtime. And you certainly don’t want to run the risk of actually serving someone sub-par or even contaminated water.

We’ve installed Healthy Water Systems in a number of big-name restaurant franchises, including McDonald’s, Duncan Donuts and Starbucks, as well as Marriott, Circle K and Hess gas stations. We’re here to keep your water clean and running smoothly.


Water may not be the first thing you’re worried about when you own a store, but it’s still a big deal. Having clean, fresh drinking water is really helpful for your employers as well as your customers, and you don’t want to be worried about constantly replenishing bottles. On top of that, your restrooms are another under-the-radar part of retailing that can be a major headache when they go awry. Don’t let mineral buildup in your pipes and appliances distract you from the work you’re good at.


Do your gather around a water cooler that needs constant replenishment? How much is that costing you? Is your company coffee made with unfiltered water? 
How much happier would everyone be if fresh, great-tasting water flowed directly out of your office’s tap? 

Of course, from a commercial perspective, we can think of Healthy Water in terms of finances: You save money when your equipment lasts longer. But an equally important factor is the human element: If you, your customers and your employees have to be physically present at your company, then you need to provide them with the best possible setting. And that means that they’re drinking and working with safe, sanitized water.

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