Disinfect Your Water with a UV Lamp

Sterilization, sanitation, decontamination, disinfection–however you say it, getting stuff clean is a big topic these days. Fortunately, that’s what we specialize in here at Healthy Water. And with the latest UV lamp technology, we have an incredible tool for making all the water coming into your home or business clean, safe and healthy.

What’s In Your Water?

You’ve no doubt been washing your hands A LOT lately, but what are you washing them with? Even with city water treatment, stuff can get into your water–including living creatures. Microorganisms in your water might include mold and algae as well as germs like viruses and bacteria. Even with standard filtration these little buggers can get through. In fact, viruses are tiny, tiny creatures. And we’ve certainly seen the damage they can do.

How Do We Eliminate Microorganisms?

When it comes to water, the traditional way to eliminate microorganisms has been chlorine. City water treatment plants add chlorine in order to make the water safe for the population. If you have a well, you’ve probably had it “shocked” with chlorine to make sure it’s not harboring anything dangerous.

But even with chlorine treatment, some microorganisms can survive. And there are even strains of creatures that have developed a resistance to chlorine.

Plus, these days, we’ve all become a bit wary of putting chemicals into things, especially things that will eventually go into our bodies. (Which is why so much of Healthy Water involves removing chlorine after it’s done its work.)

A UV lamp is a brilliant, highly effective way of eliminating microorganism contamination from you water without putting any chemicals into it. No addition; only subtraction.

What Does a UV Lamp Do?

Put simply, a UV lamp in your water treatment system kills or neutralizes living creatures. Once the water passes through the UV lamp, microorganisms in the water will either die or be rendered “inactive,” meaning they can’t multiply and cause infection or other problems.

How Does a UV Lamp Disinfect My Water?

We install a UV lamp in your water treatment system so that, after the water is filtered, all of it will pass through the lamp’s ultraviolet rays.
Ultraviolet light causes damage to the tissue of microorganisms. When they are exposed to UV light, viruses and bacteria are so damaged that they’re unable to reproduce, which means their ability to harm humans and other creatures has been neutralized. The UV lamp doesn’t remove the microorganisms from the water, but they’re no longer able to hurt you.

How Long Does It Take and How Long Will It Last?

UV disinfection takes less than a second. Our UV lamps are incredibly efficient. They won’t affect your water pressure or anything like that. 
UV disinfection is also incredibly safe. Irradiation only occurs in the rays of the lamp itself. There’s no “lingering” effect from the disinfection process, except that the germs have been neutralized.
Additionally, we install the UV lamp to treat your water after it’s been thoroughly filtered. That way, there’s no particulate for microorganisms to hide behind when they get to the lamp’s rays.

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