Getting Clean with Filtered Water

Getting clean with filtered water

In our previous post, we talked about how chemicals and minerals affect the flavor of your tap water. But flavor is only one aspect of healthy water. You may have resorted to drinking from a filtered water pitcher or a small filter on your kitchen tap—or you may just use bottled water for drinking—but the same water that comes out of your tap comes out of your shower and goes into your washing machine, too. Even when you’re not drinking it, your home’s tap water is affecting your life.

In the Shower

As we’ve mentioned, it’s common practice for municipal water supplies to have added chlorine, which acts as a disinfectant. But that’s not all it does: Chlorine affects your skin and hair. There’s a reason people take showers to rinse off after swimming in a pool. But if you’re showering in chlorinated tap water, your body is still soaking up the chemicals.

Hard tap water contains minerals, too, which can leave residue that affects the appearance and even the health of your skin and hair. And it’s important to remember that good bath products can’t overcome bad water. Dandruff, dry skin, frizzy hair and other issues will persist until you get your water fixed.

In the Washing Machine

The water that cleans your body also cleans your clothes, and your hard tap water may be creating a slew of sartorial nightmares regardless of your fashion sense. Hard water interferes with laundry detergent, making it less effective at removing stains and odors. The chlorine in tap water makes clothing fade at an alarming rate, and those same minerals that stick to your skin adhere to fabric, too leaving clothes scratchy and even creating new stains in the washing process.

Perhaps worst of all, those mineral deposits can build up in your washing machine, too, impeding its function, slowing water flow and eventually cutting short its lifespan. You want to get the most out of your appliances; treating them with filtered water makes a massive difference.

And as we mentioned before, the first part of this process is testing your home’s water to see what chemicals and minerals are present, and in what concentrations. That way, Health Water Systems can select the right filter for your water, so that you can enjoy clean showers, fluffy towels and comfy clothes.


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