Green Treat Two-Tank Water Systems

So you’re looking to get the best quality out of your Bradenton water? For many of our local, southwest Florida clients, we recommend a green treat two-tank water system, the Bradenton water filtration solution—personalized, installed, monitored and maintained by your Bradenton water filtration experts: Healthy Water Systems.

Where Will I See and Taste the Difference?

A two-tank water system filters and treats water at the source, before it even enters your house. That means that every tap will dispense freshly treated water, and every appliance will benefit from the water’s reduced mineral content.

How Does a Two-Tank Water System Treat Bradenton Water?

The name says it all: A two-tank system performs two complementary water-purification solutions. The first tank filters the water from your main water supply pipe. Bradenton city water comes from the Manatee County Utilities Department, which sources most of its supply from the Lake Manatee Reservoir.

This filtration process removes any particles, sediment, and other deposits that may have been either A) missed by the government filtration process, or B) deposited into the water by the public pipes that deliver water from the treatment facility to your Bradenton home.

The second part of a two-tank water system’s process involves removing and/or neutralizing harmful water-borne chemicals (like chlorine), organic residue (like tannins), hydrocarbons (like benzene), industrial solvents and herbicides.

Why is a Two-Tank Water System “Green”?

A two-tank system is powered by your public water’s existing flow. It does not require electricity, saving you money while operating in an environmentally responsible way.

Additionally, many residential water treatment solutions waste a lot of water. Healthy Water’s Green Treat two-tank water systems can actually save thousands of gallons of water a year. That’s not just great for your utility bill; it’s great for Bradenton’s water supply, too.

A dual two-tank system combines the efficiency of state-of-the-art technology with a manual backwash to save water. Additionally, Healthy Water’s two-tank systems do not use salt. Therefore, you can rest assured that you’re not releasing salt byproduct back into the environment.

If you’re looking to buy your first-ever home water treatment system, a Healthy Water two-tank solution will give you the best possible water quality without major changes to your utility bill.

And if you have had a water filtration system for a while, now’s the time to upgrade. You may think your current water filter is doing its job, but wait until you see the difference in today’s green-treat system. You and your family enjoy the difference personally. And the Bradenton environment will thank you, too.

How Complicated is Installation?

Also, our two-tank systems are easy to install. They require almost no disruption, renovation, or reorganization of your home’s existing infrastructure.

That being said, professional installation is a must. Healthy Water will install your Bradenton two-tank system efficiently and properly. Then you and the environment will enjoy the benefits ASAP.


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