Healthy Water, On the Go

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as a glass of great-tasting ice water, fresh from the tap. But we know you can’t stay in your kitchen all day long, and wherever you go, you can’t be sure your office or gym will have the benefits of a Healthy Water filtration system.

So before you set out, fill up your favorite water bottle with fresh-filtered goodness. Here are some of our favorite products for taking that Health Water with you.


These durable, colorful, BPA-free bottles have been staples in the hiking community since before eco-friendly was cool. The simple screw-top and large mouth makes it easy to chug when you’re thirsty, and easy to clean afterward, too.

Tervis Tumbler

Show your southwest Florida pride with a Sarasota-manufactured gem: Venice’s own Tervis Tumbler has staked its claim on long-lasting travel mugs—and with good reason. They’re sturdy, simple, and stylish, and the variety is unfathomable, whether you want sports teams, Disney princesses or custom designs.

Mira Insulated Aluminum Bottle

Sleek metal designs that keep your water cold, Mira sells a few styles of personal containers at great prices. For our buck, the tall, thin Cascade model is the coolest-looking, most-convenient of the pack.

Asobu Pill Bottle

If you need fresh-tasting water to take your daily vitamin, wherever you are, then Asobu has you covered. This clever design keeps a week’s worth of pills attached directly to your bottle, so you’ll never have to dry-swallow again.

Brimma Fruit Infuser

We’ve talked a little before about the fun of infusing your fresh water with fresh fruit. Brimma makes this an on-the-go option with its clever fruit-infuser design. The bottle’s plastic capsule allows fruit flavors to penetrate the water while keeping seeds etc. separate.


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