High-Capacity Systems for Big Households

If you have a big family, it can feel like the water is always running. Dishes, laundry, toilets, cooking, cleaning, ice and beverages, showers and baths—it all adds up. And if your home is using unfiltered Manatee or Sarasota water, then your family and your property are interacting with a lot of chemicals and minerals.

And if you have a low-capacity treatment system, then your water pressure is probably dripping at a drizzle. That won’t do.

Never fear, Ellenton’s Healthy Water has you covered. We sell and install high-capacity water treatment systems for big households like yours. These systems include sediment pre-filter, granular catalytic carbon tank and a 50,000-grain capacity water softener. Those high-tech components will help keep your water pressure up, your appliances clean, and your household happy and healthy.

A Healthy Water premium high-capacity water treatment system installation in Manatee County, Florida.

Why Do Big Households Need High-Capacity Water Treatment?

Whether it’s a straight-up water filter or a combination filtration/purification/softener system, any water treatment technology can only handle so many gallons at once. We install systems at the point where the water source enters your home. So that system must be able to treat enough water to flow to various faucets and appliances that may be in use simultaneously.

For a big home with a lot of people, you might have several faucets and appliances going at once. If your water treatment system can’t handle that volume, then you won’t be getting much water out during peak usage.

But Healthy Water’s premium high-capacity water treatment systems are able to treat enough water to serve a family of four or more. You’ll gain clean, filtered water and you won’t lose pressure.

What Equipment Does a High-Capacity Treatment System Include?

As an authorized dealer for a number of top-of-the-line brands, Healthy Water supplies and installs fully equipped and warrantied high-capacity products. To fully treat Sarasota-Manatee water for a household of four or more people, we recommend a system that combines three primary functions:

First, a sediment pre-filter stops sediment, dirt and other particulate from getting into your home. In fact, this prefilter even protects the rest of your water treatment system from tiny particles. Consider this your home’s first defense against outside contaminated water.

Next, the granular catalytic carbon tank uses activated carbon to remove chemicals like chlorine and iron. These chemicals are often the source of chemically smells and tastes, as well as stains from your faucets and appliances.

Finally, a 50,000-grain capacity water softener counteracts calcium and magnesium in naturally hard water. (Manatee County water is naturally hard due to Florida’s limestone.) Hard water limits soap effectiveness and results in scale buildup. A high-capacity water provides you with plenty of great-tasting water that will shorten the length of showers while lengthening your appliances’ lifetimes.

Call Your Local Water Treatment Systems Dealer

As a small business headquartered in Manatee County, Healthy Water Systems provides personalized service all the way through the water treatment process. We’re here to answer questions and test your water, guide you through your system purchase, install your new system, and provide maintenance and service as needed in the future.


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