Manatee and Sarasota County Water Check-Up

Oftentimes our job is to provide the best water you never knew you always wanted.

One thing we to say is, “If there’s an issue with your tap water in Manatee-Sarasota, give us a call!”

But here’s the thing: You’re not always sure there’s an issue with your water, are you.

Water Problems Get Overlooked

People can go for weeks or even years never suspecting that their tap water has any problems. They might not drink from the tap; they might not be bothered by the taste or smell. They might think rust and sediment are normal.

Often times, people settle for the water they’ve moved into. Perhaps their new house or condo has a pre-existing water filtration system, and they assume it’s a good system and it’s still doing its job.

Many folks these days have just moved to Parrish or Longboat Key or North Port, and they assumed this is just the nature of “Florida water.” They might have gone from a newer home to a lovely 1940s piece, or to a fixer-upper 1970s house, and they figured bad-tasting water comes with the territory.

Older Florida residents might think these kinds of water problems are just inconveniences you have to live with. Because, quite frankly, they used to be.

Bad Water You Use is Still Bad Water

So many people in southwest Florida are just living with—and setting for—bad water. Because there are numerous reasons water can go wrong, it’s easy to assume your water can’t be fixed. And it’s easier still to completely miss you water’s problems. You’re not a computer, and you’re not a water sommelier. So if you think you’re fine with it, who can blame you?

Plus, us water purification experts like to talk about the giant difference our water filter products and water technician services can make. But if you don’t think you need a big difference, do you still need a water service technician?

Yes. Yes you do.

The problem is that settling for bad water—or just water you don’t know is bad—in the long-term will still cause problems. And eventually, you will notice those problems, even if you don’t see them now.

Minerals in your water will cause deposits you can see, but they’re also causing deposits you can’t see. Your washing machine and dishwasher, your refrigerator ice maker, and even the insides of your faucets and home’s interior plumbing, are all gathering water-borne mineral deposits that will shorten the appliances’ lives and cause breakdowns at the worst possible time.

Chemicals in your water, even ones like chlorine that are added during the city’s water treatment process, can cause health problems in sensitive people as well as animals, especially those suffering from preexisting conditions. And you don’t want health problems to go untreated because of your untreated water.

Worst of all, the infiltration of dangerous chemicals (including fertilizers), bacteria and other potentially harmful water-borne problems can happen without any sign at all. The most insidious things in your water may be untraceable without expert testing.

Call for a Water Check-Up

If this worries you, you’re in good company. And Healthy Water is the company for you.

As a locally owned small business based in Ellenton, Manatee County, Florida, Healthy Water is available to send one of our team of expert water technicians out to get to know you and your water.

We can test your water and also check out your current system. Maybe you just need a new filter or a quick repair. Or maybe there really is a lot we can do—a big-time water purification instillation that can make a world of difference in your everyday life—and we’re here for that, too.

If you haven’t had a water expert come out and experience, investigate, and test your water firsthand, then you really don’t know what’s flowing through your home. Healthy Water is here to put your mind at ease, and whatever you need, we’ll be there every step of the way.


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