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If you have or are looking to purchase a Healthy Water Systems filtration setup, you probably have money-saving on your mind. Filtering the water that comes into your home at the source–whether it’s city water or from a well–is a great financial investment for a lot of reasons: Your appliances and plumbing last longer; your detergent and soap are more efficient for cleaning yourself and your clothes; and you can drink your tap water instead of purchasing bottles.

So how else can you save money on water? One great option, especially in southwest Florida: rain.

Southwest Florida Rainfall

Heaven knows we get a lot of rain in Sarasota-Manatee–more than 56 inches of rain per year, in fact, which is almost 20 inches above the national average. You can expect more than seven inches in September alone, while August is usually the rainiest month here, topping 9.5 inches on average. All that rain is great for our outdoor plants and maybe rinsing off our vehicles through the summer, but most of that rainwater runs off or evaporates. And then in any given month from October through April, we’re usually not even going to get three inches of rainfall.

Rainwater Collection

Fortunately, there are easy ways to keep a lot more of that rain for yourself, to be used especially during the dryer months. In fact, both Sarasota and Manatee county incentivize residential rainwater collection via rainwater barrel programs. (Find a link to Manatee County’s Rain Barrel Program here; click here for Sarasota County.) Both local governments sell 55-gallon rain barrels and provide instructions on how to use them. The equipment includes a spigot and debris filter, and be sure to listen for tips on how to keep mosquitos out. 

Rainwater Uses

Remember: Rainwater is not for drinking. (That’s what your Healthy Water Systems equipment is for.) In addition to chemicals the rain can absorb in the air, the rain in your barrel has also picked up all kinds of non-potable stuff from your roof and gutters. However, the water from your barrel is great for watering plants inside and out, and even washing your car or windows. 

Added Benefits

Like we said, one great thing about collecting rainwater is the money you save on your utilities. If you’re an ardent gardener or just like to stay on top of your watering, rainwater harvesting lets you have happy, healthy plants without paying for the water that keeps them hydrated.

Another benefit of rainwater collection involves the environment: Rain runoff takes chemicals like pesticide and fertilizer out of your own property and into our waterways. The less runoff, the better for our local environment. 


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