Safe Water Treatment During Hurricane Season

Manatee County homeowners have a lot to worry about during hurricane season. We have to secure our roofs and windows from wind and projectiles. We have to do what we can to guard against the risk of flooding. We have to have food stores and backup plans in the case of power outages.

And we have to make sure our family has safe water, too.

Severe weather can compromise our municipal drinking water infrastructure just as it compromises our electrical systems. Flooding, collapse, and other damage can lead to dangerous contaminants infiltrating your home’s water.

And even though emergency services will do their best to inform everyone of these risks should our infrastructure be compromised, you might not receive the vital information immediately. Which means your family and pets could be exposed to dangerous water right in your own home.

Healthy Water in Manatee County can help. Not only can our wide range of residential water treatment systems offer safe, potable water in the case of municipal water-supply damage, but a whole-house, point-of-entry purification system facilitates easier, low-cost hurricane prep as well.

How Hurricane Season Affects Manatee County Water Supplies

Flooding is by far the greatest risk to our Manatee County-area water during storms. Whether from extensive rain or storm surge, flood waters gather hazardous materials from wherever they go and can deposit them in our reservoirs and groundwater. Manatee and Sarasota municipal water treatment plants aren’t designed to deal with these exponentially higher levels of contaminants. Dangerous chemicals and bacteria can slip through.

Additionally, flooding can cause sinkholes and other catastrophic earth collapses, which can damage the pipes carrying drinking water. This allows contaminants to infiltrate the water even after it’s been treated by the city. These unsafe conditions can happen even if you still have power in your home.

In these cases, utilities services will typically order a “boil water advisory” to make potentially contaminated water safe—or at least, safer—to drink and cook with. Of course, if you don’t have power (or a propane stove), boiling your drinking water is an even more difficult task.

Safe Home Drinking Water—Before, During, and After Storms

The typical alternative to boiling contaminated water is to have bottled water on hand in the case of an emergency. This generally translates to one gallon of water per person per day.

Of course, not only is this costly, but it takes up storage space in your home.

Your best option for ensuring that you and your family have safe, clean drinking water throughout a storm (and year-round!) is a home water treatment system from Bradenton’s Healthy Water. We sell and install the industry’s best water filtration, purification, and water-softening products for homes of all sizes.

Our products, which are installed where the water supply enters your home, can remove more than 99% of contaminants—minerals, chemicals, and microorganisms—from every tap in your house. Whatever gets into the water supply will not make it into your home.

On top of that, we have more than a decade of serving Manatee and Sarasota counties. We know what happens to water supplies during hurricane season.

Of all the things on your mind this hurricane season, rest assured your water is safe with Healthy Water.


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