Sediment Filtration for Bradenton Pets

Sediment deposits are some of the first and most obvious signs that you need a water filtration overhaul. You may notice lines or watermarks on your glasses. Then there are streaks in your sinks and tubs. Your faucets start to spray funny because of scale buildup. And you can’t even see what all of this is doing to your pipes and your appliances.

Why Do I See Scale Buildup?

Sediment is especially a problem with our southwest Florida water supply. If your home uses Bradenton water, whether from the municipal sources or from a Bradenton-area well, you’re getting a fresh flow of natural Florida sediments.

Here in Florida, we talk a lot about “calcium deposits” and “limestone.” These deposits are, in part, what you see building up around all the parts of your home that touch Bradenton water.

What Does Bradenton Water Sediment Mean to Me?

You might not even mind the sediment that much. Lots of people don’t! Some folks just consider it a minor inconvenience. Or maybe it really bothers you but you don’t get around to doing anything about it. If you’re not worried about the long-term effects on your appliances, maybe you only worry about buildup when you have to scrub your sinks and your dishes down for company.

What Does Bradenton Water Sediment Mean to My Pets?

But if you’re one of those folks who doesn’t worry about the “aesthetic” issues of water sediment, consider that this is also the water your pets drink. Here are some of the things Bradenton pet owners should consider regarding the water they give to their pets:

Plastic pet water dishes rarely get cleaned, so sediment can build up and then break off. Unlike your human inhabitants, your pets aren’t so picky when it comes to what they’re drinking—or what it looks like. Lines, scale, buildup and even debris in the water probably won’t stop them from drinking it. But they will wind up ingesting that sediment into their systems.

If your pets are picky about their water, then that can cause even bigger health issues—for cats especially. A lot of cats would be more comfortable if they drank more water. Cats frequently have super-concentrated urine, which can increase the risk of crystals forming. Adding sediment to that situation only complicates matters. Filtered water and specialized cat water fountains are a great way to increase water intake.

Multiple pets often benefit from multiple water sources. One pet might be territorial over a particular bowl, so put down two or more to make sure everybody has access to fresh, clean water.

Monitor your pet’s water intake! If you’ve grown used to sediment in your pet’s water, then you might not be watching their intake close enough. A change in drinking habits—drinking less or even more—can be an early indicator of any number of pet conditions. Regularly monitoring the volume of the water bowl is very important.

Filtered Water for Healthy Pets

A lot of us pride ourselves on being easy-go-lucky and low-maintenance. But when it comes to our pets, we want to give them the world.

Consider fresh, filtered Bradenton water to be one of the best, most consistent, daily gifts Bradenton pet owners can give to their pets. Call Healthy Water today for a free water assessment.


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