Trick Or Triple-Treat?

Unhealthy water? Boo!

Do you know what kinds of terrifying things are lurking in your city tap water? Scary creatures and chemicals that have traveled miles and miles in darkened pipes only to sneak into your home and deposit sediment in your appliances and leave a bad taste in your mouth?

Like Cerberus in the Underworld or the Scottish witches stirring their potion, these other-worldly invaders come in threes: harmful chemicals, odious chlorine, and hard water.

Enter: Our Hero

Fortunately, there is one magical being that can thwart all of these horrors in one fell swoop. And our hero is called the Triple-Treat System.

On Halloween or any other day of the year, the triple-treat system removes all three baddies from your water. 

Tank One to the Rescue

First stop: Tank one, where a carbon filter tackles all kinds of chemicals that find their way into city water, like bromides and benzene and that ever-present chlorine. Filtration is like an impenetrable wall stopping all of those invaders from going any farther.

Tank Two with the Soft Touch

Next, this newly scrubbed water flows into tank No. 2. Even without those chemical freeloaders, lots of city water has the quality of hardness, because it contains elements like calcium that can build up in your faucets, water heater and washing machine. But not to worry, Tank Two has you covered with a special resin treatment that neutralizes those elements. Tank Two is the water softener making everything OK and leaving you with soft, delicious water.

See, that’s not so scary, is it?


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