Water Filtration for Home Buyers

So you’re on the market for a new home. What kind of water will you be buying into?

We know there’s a lot to consider when it comes to home buying. From the top of the roof to the building’s foundation, our realtor and your home inspector should be looking out for you and your best interests.

But water quality is a niche specialty, and a lot of things can affect it. While you’ve got a lot of things on your mind as you assess a potential new home, we hope you’ll keep water quality and water filtration on your list of interests.

Baseline Water Quality

If you’re looking at a property with no pre-existing filtration system, ask yourself: What kind of water is coming into the home in the first place?

First off, if the home utilizes city water, check with your local utilities department to see their water quality reports and other information on local water usage. (You can find southwest Florida info at the Sarasota and Manatee counties utilities pages.) That will give you an idea of what kinds of baseline levels you’re working with.
If the home uses well water, it’s best to get it tested. This process may or may not be required as part of the transaction, but it should definitely be among your personal priorities.

Existing Equipment

If the home you’re looking at has an existing water filtration system, your home inspector should be able to provide you with a sense of its viability. Home inspectors aren’t there to provide recommendations one way or the other, but they can give you a sense of the value and effectiveness of the appliances you’re inheriting with the house.

That being said, your home inspector isn’t going to test the water coming out of the tap. 

A home’s existing filtration system could be old or neglected, or it could’ve just been installed poorly. Best to call in an expert to assess how effective and durable an existing water treatment system is, and when and what kind of repairs or replacements might be needed.

Bring Water Quality to the Bargaining Table

Having an expert inspect a property’s water quality can have a huge effect on the sale itself.

Water quality can affect your health, your lifestyle, and the life of your home and its appliances. All of these factors should play a part in a real estate deal. Best to go into the process knowing as much as you possibly can.


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