City Water

Chlorine is used by municipalities to treat the public water supply and kill bacteria that can be found in the source water. The chlorine used is similar to, but stronger than, common household bleach. At times, you may experience a strong chlorine smell in your water. Residual chlorine can remain in your drinking water following treatment.

Want to know what is in your water? Click on the following links to view the Water Quality Report for your county:

Many people believe bottled water is the answer to better drinking water, but bottled water is inconvenient, expensive and a multi-level environmental concern. Let us help you get convenient, less expensive and healthier drinking water.

Healthy Water Systems offers residential water treatment systems that can significantly reduce the chlorine taste and odor in the water you use for drinking, cooking and washing everything from your body and clothes to your raw fruits and vegetables. Bring a water sample to us today to have it analyzed for free! We’d be happy to provide you with an estimate for a water treatment system, and we guarantee we will beat any competitor’s written price quote by at least 20%!

Enjoy many benefits with a Healthy Water System:
no scale ~ no mineral deposits ~ brighter laundry ~ softer skin ~ no “bad hair days” ~ no spots on your car
savings on soap, detergents and fabric softeners ~ better tasting coffee and other beverages