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Residential water systems have several variables. To begin, water treatment customers come in two categories: city water users and well water users. City water customers are normally concerned with water spots in the shower and scale build-up in their faucets and pipes as well as the off taste and corrosive nature of chlorine. Well water customers have an even higher level of mineral and scale problems along with rotten egg smells (caused by sulfur) and orange stains (due to iron). Disinfection is often needed to control these problems areas.

Each type of water user has his or her own concerns, and we provide residential water treatment solutions no matter the problem, whether it’s hard water, filtration issues or poor drinking water quality.

Hard water problems: As water seeps through the ground during the water cycle, it dissolves calcium, magnesium and other minerals. When water has high amounts of minerals, it’s considered “hard.” Hard water results in scale build-up in pipes and on plumbing fixtures, mineral stains and spotting on glassware, and soap build-up on shower walls and doors. Hard water also results in using more detergents, shampoo and soap in order for them to be effective. Hard water can become costly due to scale formation in water heaters, dishwashers and coffee makers, adding to repair and replacement costs. A residential water softening system will reduce all of these problems by eliminating dissolved minerals from your water, which will make you and your home happier and healthier.

Filtration problems: Filtration can solve cloudy, smelly and poor tasting water issues. A whole home water filtration system will give you cleaner, better tasting water from every faucet in your house. Point-of-use systems are frequently used as well. We offer several types of filtration processes, including carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, point-of-use reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet systems.

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