Water Filtration and Conditioning Systems for Bradenton Families

A big household goes through a lot of water. That can get expensive.

But Bradenton’s hard water can make all that water a lot more expensive, and quickly. Our local hard water has lots of calcium and magnesium dissolved in it. And every single thing that hard water touches can accumulate those minerals.

The more your water runs, the more mineral deposits occur.

That’s why Ellenton’s Healthy Water Systems offers efficient and affordable water filtration and conditioning systems for Bradenton families. See why Healthy Water is the solution for your water-loving family.

Mineral Deposit and Scale Buildup Damage

Every time you or your family turns on a faucet, shower, hose or appliance that uses water, southwest Florida’s hard water is leaving mineral deposits behind. Those deposits stain, damage and shorten the life of everything they touch.

Here are a few ways mineral deposits and scale buildup are damaging your property.

  • Blocking and damaging pipes
  • Making your shower heads spray in crazy directions
  • Stains in your sink and toilet
  • Water droplets on your dishes
  • Scale buildup in your coffeemaker
  • Blocking the flow in your dishwasher and washing machine
  • Rust stains on your clothes
  • Neutralizing soap and detergent
  • Mineral stains on your car

The more water your family uses, the more these issues accumulate. (And guess what, when your soap and detergent don’t work as well, you will wind up using even more water. Vicious circle.)

How to Mitigate Hard Water Damage

Water treatment systems mitigate hard water damage by filtering out calcium and magnesium and treating the water so that it becomes “soft.”

POU versus POE Water Treatment Systems

Many over-the-counter, self-install water treatment systems are POU, or Point of Use. This means that they treat the water as it comes out of the tap. This can be a manageable solution for making kitchen tapwater taste better. However, POU systems get expensive when you try to install them at every water-usage point in your house. Plus, you have to keep up with changing a water filter at every point of use.

Moreover, POU treatment slows down water flow, making it insufficient for showers and bathing. And on top of that, most POU systems can’t be self-installed for appliances like dishwashers and washing machines, not to mention toilets. And these appliances are where a lot of hard water damage is taking place.

On the other hand, POE—or Point of Entry—water treatment systems treat the water right before it enters your house, via your water main. This means that no part of your home’s plumbing has to contend with hard water.

Are POE Water Systems Affordable for Bradenton Families?

Yes! Water filtration and conditioning systems are affordable for Bradenton families who use Manatee County’s own Healthy Water Systems.

Pictured above is a recent (May 2023) install we did for a Bradenton family. This easy-to-maintain system (you just have to change the $30 sediment filter annually) will provide great-tasting, low-mineral water at every faucet and appliance. Plus, it keeps scale from building up in pipes, the hot water tank, faucets, showers, dishes, laundry, skin, hair, etc.

Contrary to some rumors, this water conditioning system does not add salt to your water. It can also handle your family’s high volume, which means that it won’t affect your water pressure.

Sound good? Of course it does! Call 941-981-9979 today to find out more about what a water treatment solution from Healthy Water Systems can do for you and your Bradenton family.


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