Healthy Water Now, Big Benefits in the Future

There are two kinds of people: Those who put off chores, maintenance and home improvements until the new year, and those who save money now and in the future, too.

You should definitely be the second kind of person—especially when it comes to your southwest Florida water treatment system.

Whether you’ve got a home water treatment system that you’ve been ignoring, or you hate your water but you’re buying bottled and ignoring the sink stains, Healthy Water is right here in Ellenton waiting to make your life better—right now.

Give us a call before Christmas, and find out why Healthy Water is easy, it’s awesome, and it’ll give you big savings now and in the future.

Your Old Water Filter Could Be Causing You Problems

You may think that any water treatment system is better than no system at all, but think again. Your old water filter could be costing you money as we speak.

First of all, a clogged, expired water filter is just inconvenient and annoying. Why? It lowers your water pressure! When filters get clogged with sediment, the water can’t get through. That means your convenient “whole home” water treatment system is now choking off the water supply of your whole home.

But worse still, an expired water filter is just sitting there, damp, holding onto all the contaminants and bacteria it’s filtered out over the months and years. And while your filter was designed to remove these bugs, it wasn’t designed to hold onto them. Eventually, contaminants will begin to leak back into your drinking water.

And if you think that’s gross, consider this: Your filter could even be growing new bacteria, in addition to mold and algae. That means that water treatment system you invested in back in the beginning of the pandemic is now the scariest, most diseased thing in your house.

No Water Filter? Nothing is Safe

But without a home water treatment system, your whole home—not to mention your whole family—is processing hard, potentially contaminated southwest Florida water without a safety net.

Appliances? Calcified, stained and rusted.

Skin and hair? Dry and irritated.

Clothes? Stiff, scratchy and short-lived.

Pipes? Clogged with rust and minerals.

Sarasota-Manatee water bill? Climbing higher and higher as you try to wash away hard-water deposits and soap scum. (Not to mention whatever you’re spending on bottled water and other beverages.)

Healthy Water Now

Waiting until the new year to service, replace or purchase your Healthy Water system only prolongs the damage being done by your current water treatment setup (or lack thereof). And the holidays can see some of the heaviest water usage of the whole year, when you consider cooking and hosting guests (and extra-long hot showers during our occasional Bradenton cold snaps).

Plus, you’ll be suffering through bad-tasting water and uncomfortable skin and clothes during one of the most celebratory times of the year. Don’t wreck your holiday memories with those fixable water issues.

And don’t forget: We still have time left on our End-of-2023 Water Treatment Sale. Don’t wait! Get great-tasting Manatee-Sarasota water just in time to ring in 2024!


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