What Do “Water Treatments” Really Do?

…and are you paying too much for treatments you don’t need?

You probably know that water treatment makes your tap water taste better, smell better, and even feel better on your skin and hair. You may even know that water treatment can help your clothes and dishes get cleaner and your appliances last longer.

But do you know what exactly is happening in your water treatment system to make your water better? And do you know specifically what your water needs?

As a small business based in Ellenton, Florida, we can tell our customers and prospective customers in Sarasota and Manatee counties that you will definitely need to some kind of water treatment system, whether you’re using well water, county water, or city water.

The water we use every day needs filtration, decontamination, softening, and/or other treatments to eliminate (or at least reduce) a number of issues that bad water can cause—like stains on your clothes, tubs, showers and sinks; premature rust and wear to your appliances; skin and hair issues; health problems; and just plain-old bad taste and smell.

But do you have the right water treatment system for the problems in YOUR water? And are you paying to treat your water for issues that don’t even exist?

What Does “Water Treatment” Really Mean?

You have a number of options for point-of-entry “water treatment” in your home or workplace. Healthy Water specializes in these POE systems that treat the water before it comes into your home, so that every tap and appliance receives fresh, clean water. These are the basic things that are happening in the “water treatment” process:

Filtration: Straightforward enough, filtration involves a porous filter that allows water particles to pass through while trapping larger debris like sand and some microorganisms.

Activated or ionized filtration: These processes involve a chemical or molecular setup that can attract and bond with the things you don’t want in your water, allowing the pure water to pass through.

Purification: A process that kills and/or neutralizes microrganisms like bacteria and viruses as well as mold and algae.

Softening: A process by which calcium and magnesium are removed from the “hard” water to make it safer for humans and appliances, easier to clean with, and overall more palatable.

Within these categories you have all kinds of options for treating your Manatee County water, from basic (but effective) filtration to state-of-the-art UV purification or reverse osmosis semipermeable membranes.

What Kinds of Water Treatment Systems Work for Which Problems?

It really depends on what needs to be removed from your water, as well as other lifestyle considerations like your budget, the environmental concerns of your area, and the size of your house and your household.

Remember, you can’t “kill” or “disinfect” chemicals and minerals—they aren’t living creatures.

Likewise, ionization won’t target living creatures, only chemical and mineral molecules.

Certain filters may restrict water flow (especially when they become clogged with debris) and affect your water pressure.

What Kind of Water Treatment Do I Need?

The water treatment technology that best suits your Manatee County home or business will depend on A) what’s in your water, and B) the problems you’ve noticed that you would like to eliminate.

Here’s the thing: You don’t need to pay for a state-of-the-art purification process if your water is relatively safe from microorganisms and all you want is for it to taste better. The truth is, municipal water that comes from the county or city has been deemed safe for the general population. You might want it safe-er, or you might just want your clothes and hair to be softer and your water heater to last longer.

In many cases, you don’t need to pay for four different kinds of water treatment to fix one or two basic issues.

That’s why at Healthy Water, we perform a free water assessment as well as a consultation to find out both what’s in your water, and what you’re looking for for yourself and your family. We don’t do scare tactics. We don’t send out flyers telling you that your water supply is incredibly dangerous.

Healthy Water Treatment Systems Based on Your Needs

We have plenty of water treatment systems to choose from, and we’re experts in installing and maintaining all of them. We just want to match you up with the system that best suits your needs and your budget.

We want you to understand what’s in your water, what effects it will have, and what kinds of treatment you need to remove and/or resolve those effects.

Call us today for a straightforward and honest local water treatment service.


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