No Salt, No Electric, No Backwash Home Water Treatment

Don’t get us wrong: We love saltwater. It’s the backbone of our Manatee County lifestyle, and it’s a really important part of our recreational time.

But when we’re on the job at our Manatee County small business, Healthy Water can come without salt, and without compromises.

If you opt of a no salt, no electric, no backwash home water treatment system, your home, office and business can have Healthy Water

  • without using salt
  • without wasting water
  • without using electricity
  • and without breaking the bank

When you put all these features together in a single high-quality, expertly installed water treatment system, you wind up with all the benefits of purer, healthier water—without compromising your ethics or your pocketbook.

What Are Salt-Based Water Softeners

The “salt” or “no salt” water treatment debate refers to the water softener aspect of your water treatment system. Traditional water softeners use resin beads with charged ions to chemically trap and remove calcium and magnesium. (The negative charge of special resin beads draws the positive charge of those hardness minerals.) Calcium and magnesium are the minerals primarily responsible for “hard water,” including the scale buildup and other hard water problems.

Eventually the resin beads wear out. They attract so many calcium and magnesium molecules that they can’t attract any more and have to go through “regeneration” or “recharging” in order to work effectively again.

The water softener regeneration process is where the salt comes in. A special tank containing salt fills with water to create a brine. The brine rinses and recharges the resin beads. Then the brine—and all those minerals—gets flushed down the drain.

The Problem with Salt in Your Water Softener

The problem with these traditional salt- or brine-based water softeners is that they use a lot of resources, and they also produce byproducts.

Salt. The salt in traditional water softeners has to be replaced. That means you’re buying additional salt for your water softener on a regular basis.

Water. While the salt in these water softeners does not ever enter into your home or drinking water, these systems do use a lot of water during the rinsing/recharging/regeneration process.

Electricity. While not all salt-based water softeners require electricity, many do need a power source to power their automatic cleaning cycles.

Byproducts. Rinsing, recharging/regenerating ionized water softener beads ultimately flushes gallons of brine and minerals down the drain. This wastewater can be so problematic to the environment that some communities ban these systems altogether.

Manatee County No Salt Water Treatment

Parrish, Florida No Salt, No Electric, No Backwash water treatment system from Manatee County's Healthy Water.

A family in Parrish chose this No Salt, No Electric, No Backwash system that removes sediment, neutralizes chemical corrosion, taste and odors and inhibits scale buildup in pipes, hot-water tank, faucets, showers, skin, hair, etc.

Healthy Water offers a great selection of Manatee County water treatment systems, including No Salt, No Electric, No Backwash systems for southwest Florida homes and businesses. This could very well be the low-maintenance, low-overhead water treatment system for your family and/or your business.

If this system is right for you, then don’t hesitate to give us a call today. We openly offer free consultation meetings and recommendations. With Healthy Water, you can enjoy no hard water, and no hard sell.


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