Does Sarasota City Water Need At-Home Treatment?

So your home is served by public utilities, including municipal water. Do you need a residential water treatment system if your home is hooked up to the Sarasota city water supply?

Short answer: We certainly think so.

Public utilities supply water that has been deemed safe by the government. But municipal water treatment only goes so far. And public water treatment processes leave their own residue in your home’s water.

Here’s why your Sarasota city water still needs an at-home treatment system from Healthy Water.

Sarasota City Water vs. Well Water

Most homes, especially those within Sarasota city limits, will be hooked up to the municipal water supply. That means that the water runs through a public treatment plant before it gets distributed to your house.

Well water is drawn directly from the natural underground water supply—ie the Florida aquifer. While this water comes from nature, it can be contaminated from natural (and very dangerous) bacteria as well as man-made chemicals.

Is Sarasota City Water Safe to Drink?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determines the standards for safe water via the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). And yes, Sarasota’s city water meets those safety standards.

On top of the existing treatment process, the City of Sarasota Utilities Department performs regular drinking water studies and shares those findings with the public. The latest water quality report from December 2022 reiterates the safety of the water supplied to Sarasota city residents.

However, this report also clarifies that the water supplied by the city may still contain any number of contaminants, in amounts that are allowed by the the SDWA.

What Contaminants Are Present in Sarasota Source Water?

Sarasota city water draws from sources that may contain microbes (viruses and bacteria, including those from sewage), metals, pesticides, and even radioactive contaminants. The municipal water treatment process is designed to remove most of these contaminants to qualify the water as safe.

According to the City of Sarasota water quality report, “Drinking water, including bottled water, may reasonably be expected to contain at least a small amount of some contaminants. This does not necessarily indicate that the water poses a health risk.”

Even after source water treatment, contaminants can reach your water through old or faulty plumbing.

What Contaminants Are Present in My Sarasota City Tap Water?

The water treatment process leaves behind some chemical contaminants. Most notably, the treatment process uses chlorine to disinfect the source water and control microbes.

In addition to the drinking contaminants allowed by law, your tap water may also contain residue from supply lines and your home’s plumbing—including lead. Lead will not come from the city water supply. The only way to test for the presence of lead in your drinking water is to have a professional test the water that comes out of your taps.

Healthy Water >>>> City Water

City water allows some natural contaminants from the source water to remain. City water also includes byproducts from the disinfecting process. Additionally, your Sarasota city water may be further contaminated by lead and other harmful elements in plumbing.

A Healthy Water residential treatment system ensures that these contaminants never make it to your lips.

The bottom line: Though Sarasota city water is legally safe to drink, a Healthy Water treatment system provides even cleaner, safer water for you and your family.


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