Frozen Fun

This is Florida, so we know how to get creative when it comes to cooling off–right down to the ice we put in our frosty drinks. With a water filtration setup from Healthy Water Systems, you can rest assured your ice tastes great. As the temperatures rise, why not take advantage of your delicious filtered tap water by pouring it into some fun frozen creations to jazz up all sorts of summer beverages.


Infuse Your Cubes


A regular ice cube tray becomes a chic summer beverage accessory-dispenser when you add chunks of fresh fruit to the water before freezing. Ice cubes containing strawberries, raspberries or blueberries make for colorful additions to your lemonade or iced tea. For more adult flavors, consider adding fresh mint to your cubes for bourbon mint juleps, cucumber for your G&Ts, or sage leaves for a complex twist to your margaritas on the rocks.


Better still, use popsicle molds to create flavor-infused ice swizzle sticks.


Also, please enjoy this video of zoo animals eating fruit-infused ice:

Fit the Frozen Mold…

Cubes are so square. Search “ice molds” online to find a remarkable selection of shapes for freezing your water and adding chill fun to your glass. You can start chic, simple and streamlined with ice spheres, which are popular for chilling nuanced liquors like whiskey (because their limited surface area and slower melting means less water affecting the beverage’s flavor). Or you can go wild with an amazing ice menagerie, like these designs that look like penguins or polar bears standing on an iceberg. Or, you know, a Storm Trooper.


…And Take it to the Next Level

If you think putting ice sculptures in your glass is cool, what if the glass itself were ice? DIY ice shot glasses make for a really fun focal point to turn heads and heat up your party. (There are molds available, too.)


Or if you’re really ambitious, turn the shot itself into an icy party trick with an ice luge.


Make Florida Snowballs

Shave ice makes an everyday summer afternoon feel like a European excursion, but it’s so simple you don’t have to sweat the prep. Just let the machine do the shaving, add your favorite syrup and boom: sweet summer treat. You can even try your own twist on a traditional “Baltimore snowball,” a fruity snow cone topped with marshmallow cream.


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