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Late in June we showed up to a home in east Manatee County to find this disaster! The aerator and softener had been bypassed more than a year ago, and the consequences were building up–literally. The customer had loads of scale build-up around faucets and appliances. On top of that, all of the water coming out of their taps was cloudy and had an intense sulfur egg smell. 

As you can see here, when we opened it up we discovered that the inside of the pipes were black with all kinds of nastiness. If your system was shoddily installed, poorly serviced or hasn’t been serviced at all in more than a year, you have to ask yourself: Is this what you’re putting your water through?

Unfortunately, it’s far too common that our service experts at Healthy Water discover these kinds of makeshift situations. Well-meaning do-it-yourself-ers may volunteer to set up your system or, even more likely, try to fix something or “update” something when one or more of your mechanisms starts to break down. You may think you’re saving money on the service, but in no time your pipes and appliances are suffering the consequences, your water tastes and smells bad and goodness only knows what’s in it that you’re putting into your body every time you drink it or even just add ice to your beverage.

But we understand it’s important that you know what you’re getting into before you agree to a service call. That’s why we offer a free equipment evaluation and recommendations meeting, no strings attached. No need to be embarrassed, either: We’ve been doing this a long time and we’ve seen it all. More than likely, we can diagnose your problems with a simple lookover and water test. We don’t need to start taking things apart to know what’s right and what’s wrong with your system.

To fix up the dilapidated system you see above, we removed the old equipment and installed a sediment pre-filter, a sulfur/iron removal unit and a properly sized softener. Ain’t she a beauty?

Now their water is clear, soft and odorless. Call Healthy Water Systems today for a free equipment evaluation and recommendations meeting: (941) 981-9979


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