Partner Spotlight: AquaSana

Filtered Water is Healthier

As water-filtration experts, we’re only as good as the products we offer. And frankly, we don’t want to spend all of our time and effort putting together the perfect installation only to have our work undermined by sub-par products. That’s why we offer Aquasana filters.

Trusted by Experts and Consumers

Aquasana is an American company with manufacturing and distribution operations located in Haltom City, Texas. We trust their products in part because we trust their supply chain. And we’re not alone: Aquasana is a leader in residential filtration systems, and customer surveys consistently rank the brand at the top of the list for both effectiveness and taste.

Proven Effectiveness

Of course, good-tasting water is a big part of what we provide here at Healthy Water Systems. We want you to be able to pour a glass of water directly from your tap and take a refreshing drink without ever thinking about what might be in it.

But Aquasana’s commitment to healthy water goes even further, so that not only can you taste the difference in an Aquasana filter, but you can scientifically prove its effectiveness. When you compare unfiltered residential tap water to water that’s been through an Aquasana filter, you’ll see that the Aquasana filter has removed 99 percent of lead, asbestos, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and a number of other elements that can cause your water to be foul-tasting and cloudy. Aquasana filters also remove 96 percent of chlorine, which makes a huge difference in how your water tastes and smells.

State-of-the-Art Products

Water filtration, like virtually any manufacturing industry, uses technology and techniques that are always evolving and improving. Because they’re consistently an industry leader, we trust Aquasana to stay on top of the latest trends and science, so that each new filter they create will utilize the very best systems that humans know how to create.

Environmental Responsibility

The company thinks about the environment, too, as we all do in the water filtration business, since filtered water goes a long way in reducing the exorbitant waste that comes from bottled water. Aquasana also produces reusable outer filter casings and recyclable or compostable filter cartridges. 

We don’t want you to have to think about the water coming out of your taps. But when you do, you can rest assured that the Aquasana products we install will still give you peace of mind.



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