Water Softening for Plumbing and Appliances

A lot of people tend to think about soft water in terms of how we personally interact with it: Minerals are what makes water “hard.” When you remove much of the minerals from your water, it tastes better and leaves your skin feeling better.

But soft water is good for your plumbing and appliances, too. Here’s why.

Hard Water Problems

Hard water contains relatively high levels of minerals, especially calcium and magnesium. These minerals interact with whatever the water touches, including your pipes, your faucets, and appliances like your washing machine, water heater, and dishwasher.

So whenever your hard water passes through something, it’s leaving mineral deposits. These deposits can really build up over time. 

We sometimes call this buildup “mineral scale” or “limescale.”

You might first notice mineral buildup in the form of stains in your sink or even on your coffeemaker. But that aesthetic problem is nothing compared to what’s going on in the places you can’t see.

Maybe you’ll start to notice mineral buildup on your shower head. The spray is uneven or shoots off in different directions.

Now imagine that happening times 100 in your pipes and inside your appliances.

Mineral scale lessens the life span of your appliances. But it also means big problems for your plumbing. 

Buildup inside your pipes impedes your water pressure. Ironically, it can also mean increased pressure on the pipes themselves, leading to leaks.

Soft Water is Better Water

So when we install a Healthy Water water-softening system in your home or office, you’re not just giving yourself better-tasting water and healthier skin.

Soft water saves your plumbing and your appliances from mineral scale buildup. The result is a much healthier household—for the people as well as the pipes.


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